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Name Ivy
Race Malthrope
First Appearance The Book of Deacon
Other Appearances

The Great Convergence

The Battle of Verril



Ivy is a malthrope, though due to her unique origin, she possesses nearly no natural coloring, having stark white fur and pink irises. She typically dresses in ill-fitting and ragged clothes during her early adventures.

[edit] Biography

Though physically adult, Ivy has a childlike demeanor. She is the product of vast experimentation and manipulation by Demont and Epidime, a fact that has left her with a number of distictive afflictions. The most significant of them is a direct connection between her emotions and her soul. If Ivy feels any emotion intensely enough, those around her will begin to feel it as well, and if the emotion passes a certain intensity, it manifests itself in a visible aura and one of a handful of effects. Unrelated to her manipulations by the D'karon, Ivy has a natural talent for nearly all forms of art, especially music. She is an adept violin player, a skilled artist, and a graceful dancer. Her simple state of mind and inability to control her emotions have led to an antagonistic relationship with Ether.

Emotional Effects

Below are the mystical results of her various emotions. Others may exist, but have not been observed.

Anger: Produces a red aura, fills her with the single-minded determination to destroy whatever or whoever is responsible for her anger. In this form she is capable of flight.

Happiness: Produces a gold aura, has a healing and recuperating effect on those around her, if they are receptive. This has not been seen to bring about a full transformation, and greatly restores her mystic reserves and health.

Fear: Produces a blue aura, increases her speed tremendously, and fills her with the all-consuming need to escape danger. She has limited flight in this form.

Hate: Produces a black aura, darkens her eyes, blackens her fur. She is stronger, mystically resistant, and conjures a black essence that decays anything that she does not willfully spare its effects. She maintains a much higher degree of intellect in this form than others. It is implied that the change may be permanent unless countered.

Duty: Produces a white aura, enhances strength and speed, dedicates her mind to a single goal. This is a very rare transformation, and one of the few that does not leave her completely exhausted when it has run its course.


It is eventually revealed that the soul that now resides in the creature known as Ivy originally belonged to a little girl named Aneriana Melodia. Though the soul was removed, and Ivy now considers herself to have moved on, the body of Aneriana was kept by the D'Karon and continued to grow. It was found in the remains of Kenvard in a nearly mindless state. There was evidence to suggest that the D'Karon had planned to make her into a weapon, potentially in order to infiltrate the Chosen.



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